Brief history

ENTITY CERC Ltd. was incorporated in December 2010 in Melbourne Australia. However, our genesis lie in a larger earlier Co-operative that existed since 1990. Most of our current members were also founders of this parent organisation. The 20 years of experience gained through the participation in the co-operative movement enabled us to form modern, efficient and effective organisation. Over the past five years we have been able to perform exceptionally well in the field of co-operative housing. ENTITY CERC Ltd. comprises of memberships consisting of families, as well as individuals. We administer properties encompassing 3 and 4 bedroom stand alone houses spread around south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Company Structure

ENTITY CERC Ltd. is incorporated under the Victorian Co-operatives Act 1989 in Australia. We are a not-for-profit public (unlisted) limited company. Members/tenants households are the company's shareholders. Each household is issued a nominal share upon joining the Co-operative. Each shareholder household can exercise exactly one vote at the General Meetings. A shareholder household's representative can nominate for a Director's position on the Co-operative's Board of Directors.


ENTITY CERC Ltd. is governed by the Board of Directors elected every year at the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors' members (Directors and a Secretary) are elected from amongst the shareholder households's representatives. It is the Board of Directors that is collectively responsible for the day-to-day running of the Co-operative. All decisions affecting the Co-operative must be approved by the Board of Directors. As well as being responsible for the reporting to the General Meeting on financial, property and administrative matters, the Board of Directors is also obliged by law to report on annual basis to the Registering Authority in the State of Victoria.


In accordance with the International Principles of Co-operatives the membership of the ENTITY CERC Ltd. is voluntary and open. However, due to the limitations of the CERC program the co-operative is limited to the number of households for which it can physically provide dwellings. Member households are obliged to actively participate in the day-to-day running of the Co-operative (an Active Membership requirement of the Co-operatives Act 1989).